Great for Feature walls for interiors
Your search is over, 3D wall coverings are the charm your projects deserve. Natural accents bring a unique feel as well as an innate warmth, subtle yet a focal point, these panels create the look interior designers praise.
This product is widely used and celebrated within both commercial and residential sectors; an elegant touch without the price tag. As the product is a permanent fixture it will create continuity throughout all projects, big or small, and will set a design mood; allowing you to easily develop and create your space.


If you want to create a personalised and comfortable atmosphere in your home, we have the answer to all your needs. Our decorate wallcoverings not only revamp the look of your rooms but create a sensual and stylish look; one you can easily adopt amongst other features or use as a statement piece. Soft textures, natural tones and innovative patterns work to bring life to any room. Easily installed; we will guide you in the right direction to make your space your own.



A unique business deserves an equally unique look. Outfit your store with our wall coverings and bring an instant updated appearance, whilst maintain the dignity of your brand. The natural tones and textures create a homey and warm feeling making customers and workers feel at ease; propelling your business to new heights and looking good whilst doing so.



When one seeks to dine out of the home they gravitate towards a stylish space which embodies the Melbourne foodie scene. A luxe feature wall can create all the difference to the atmosphere of a restaurant; warm tones and natural texture contribute to the intimacy of a dining experience; ensuring diners are at ease and your hospitality is not overlooked.


Breathtaking Interiors

Interior designers believe that rooms should have a central focal point of interest, from which all other elements flow. A feature wall in 3D wall panels is an easy way to achieve this.
Award winning interior design and decoration for residential, commercial and hospitality projects across Australia and New Zealand.
We are the curators and creators of unique 3D wall coverings for interiors that are welcoming, lived in and loved.
Widely used in both commercial and residential interiors!